Is google replacing its Android with Fuchsia?

First, it's worth going over exactly what Fuchsia is, because it's been quite a while since we talked about it. As opposed to all of Google's other OSes, such as Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia uses the company's new 'Magenta' kernel instead of Linux. According to the project's documentation, Magenta is designed for "modern phones and … Continue reading Is google replacing its Android with Fuchsia?


what’s new in Android O?

The past week has been the Big-O week for all of us involved in Google's ecosystem and the Android world. The follow-up to Android 7.0/7.1 Nougat was announced as Android O — full name still unknown ( But as per few people and going by Android previous naming conventions it is to be named as Oreo) — and the developer … Continue reading what’s new in Android O?